6. Categories of young maids

In the analyzed text we succeeded in deciphering the categories of young maids that are present and mentioned in the ancient Greek text, such as:

which means:
Нејзе боговите сите и се диват     Нејзе боговите сите и се диват
[neize bogovite site i se divat             neize bogovite site i se divat]

(equivalent in English      
Her the gods belove her all Her the gods belove her all)
i.e. Athlophoroi

It must be stressed here that we find the same form of address, as will be explained, in the case of the term of address СВЕТИ [sveti](equivalent to English Sacred), as [gospodin gospodin] (equivalent to English
Master Master).

For the title Kanephoroi we found:        

which means
Се диви (восхитува) на богот Ананнеца (бог на обновата)
[se divi (voshituva) na bogot Ananetsa (bog na obnovata]

(equivalent to English
She admires the god Ananetsa (the god of restoration, renewal))
i.e. Kanephoroi

According to our research the god Ananetsa was a supreme Egyptian god, and this is an Egyptian name for the god who was known to the ancient Greeks as the god Osiris.