3.2. The personal name of the pharaoh

We have concluded that after the title follows the name of the pharaoh, which is not formal in today’s sense, but is rather descriptive:

This Macedonian name is translated into ancient Greek with the words:


The word ΔΕΟΥinancient Greek is equivalent to the English gods, and the wordΕΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣmeans That one to whom gods are admiring (who is beloved by the gods). Theaccuracy of the suggested way of reading and wiring for sound is more than clear from this. The method of forming personal names with word Bogo [bogo] is frequent in contemporary Macedonian language. The following names are very frequent: Богомил [bogomil], Боголјуб [bogoljub], Боговид [bogovid], Божидар [bozhidar], Божана [bozhana] and others.