3.3. The family name of the pharaoh

The family name of the pharaoh, i.e. the name of the dynasty was recognized in the expressions (read from right to left):

The first two words are the epithets to the pharaohs’ family. After those epithets follows the expression beloved by Ptah, and at the end the pharaohs’ family name. For the expression beloved by Ptah and pharaohs’ family name in ancient Greek text the following expression was used for translation (in original):
Equivalent in English: Ptolemy, the ever living, beloved by Ptah ….
Unlike the present day scholarship, we suggest that the first word of the previous expression (the word for Ptolemy in ancient Greek text) could be divided as follows:

The first word ΠΤΟΛ is a term for town, E is a preposition, andΜΑΙΟΥ is a goddess of (the) earth of the ancient Greeks. This practically means that the term ΠΤΟΛ Ε ΜΑΙΟΥ means in ancient Greek town of the goddess of (the) earth, which coincides completely with our reading of the corresponding term in the middle text of the stone. Excluding the first two epithets that precede the expression beloved by Ptah and pharaohs’ family, we find that ancient Greek text and the demotic text at those places are very much the same.