1.4. Wiring for sound of the pictographic signs

The very frequent occurrence and the place of occurrence of the three vertical lines  as a single sign suggest its meaning: БОГО [Bogo]. The same sign, with the identical wiring for sound is found in [10] as well. We prove our conclusion by deciphering the adjective Божен [bozhen] (equivalent to English divine), written down using syllabic signs previously formerly wired for sound in form and their superlative form најбожен[naibozhen]  (in English the most divine).

The three inclined lines occur in a specific construction to define the term СВЕТОСТ [Svetost] (equivalent in English the Eminence), in original inscribed as (from right to left):

That is equivalent to English Master Master.

It is for the sign we conclude the pronunciation of soft Р[r], as is the case in contemporary Macedonian language, then from the analysis of the previous examples of the three inclined lines we can definitely give the wiring for sound of ГОСПОДА  [gospoda] (equivalent to  English  Masters).