1.2. Wiring for sound of the signs for isolated consonants

The frequent use was noted of some isolated consonants which were wired for sound in the following way:

The pronunciation of the isolated consonant  changes into soft Р[r], sound which we have it even today in the pronunciation of words from the Macedonian language. It should be mentioned here that contemporary scholarship has concluded that it was during the Ptolemaic dynasty that a distinction was made for the first time between the sounds Л[l] and Р[r], which was appropriately transferred into the script, i.e. in the analyzed text.

The pronunciation of the isolated consonant в[v] most frequently occurs in the formation of the syllable with the vowel и[i] or in the formation of the preposition во[vo] (equivalent to the English prepositions in, at) in original вв[vv] - .

The inclined line without addition denotes the isolated consonant н[n] which is very frequently used in the contemporary Macedonian language.